On GMOs, hysteria, and reason, A.K.A. navigating a very narrow minefield

Anyone who’s read me for any time at all likely knows that I have little patience for either anti-science superstitious hysteria, or ‘one-world’ government, Illuminati conspiracy hysteria. In this category of intellectually offensive and ridiculous nonsense I include things like creationism, anti-vaccers, aromatherapy, micro-chipping, the Bilderburg conspiracy, chem-trails, black helicopters, and so on.That said, there

Sanctifying climate change evidence

Recently the self-proclaimed prophet Cindy Jacobs warned Jim Bakker that President Obama’s “anti-biblical” policies with regard to LGBT equality will lead to blizzards and “weather disasters” in the upcoming year. Such pronouncements from Jacobs are nothing new; in January of 2011 Jacobs attributed the sudden die-off of blackbirds in Arkansas to the groundswell of support

How to intelligently criticize religion

How to Intelligently Criticize Religion: Atheist claims that are no better than Theist claims. One of the most common criticisms of the religious is that they argue from poor information. Whether it’s cherry-picked, made-up, out of context (yes, sometimes things actually do require context!), or just flat-out wrong, this is a frequent tactic used by

The worst kind of violence

In the last week or so, I’ve come across two largely unrelated news items that have gotten me thinking. I suspect they are not unique, nor are the they sort of headline that typically gets everyone talking. But I can’t help but think these are terrifically important, both in their own right, and as a

Review: Religulous

Originally published My 15, 2009 I know, I’m a little behind the times on this; what can I say? I don’t get to the theater much. This one is worth a review nevertheless. Trust me on this one, I’m not going where you think I am; keep reading.Now, I’ve seen plenty of scathing criticism of this

This may offend some viewers, but…

I love this: Religious Intolerance, or ‘What I Want to Say When Asked Why I Have a Problem with Religion.’ (The original is sometimes unavailable, so I have reposted it here: Religious Intolerance) (You don’t HAVE to read the above link before this, but it will make a bit more sense of you do…)I know this may really

Polemic on Religion

(Originally posted on LiveJournal in March of 2007.) This was by far the most popular, most commented, most re-posted entry I ever made on LiveJournal. I am reposting it here in its entirety, though I wish I could include the comments. I try so hard to be fair minded, egalitarian, and respectful of the beliefs

Procrastination has a deity; who knew?

We all decry the practice to our students, but I suspect that none of us are immune to it. Be it articles, conference presentations, or syllabi, we’ve all done homage at the foot of this god’s altar! (I especially like his staff and orb; look closely!)

Concerned Women for America CEO: “Reason caused the Holocaust”

In commenting on the upcoming Day of Reason announcements (which have popped up in a number of places, but the one in question was Charlotte, North Carolina), Penny Nance, the CEO of Concerned Women for America, a right-wing women’s policy group, said on FoxNews:“You know, the Age of Enlightenment and Reason gave way to moral

How to have a wonderful, magical, non-theist Christmas!

(This is reposted from an old LiveJournal post I made ages ago. I get asked for it again every year, and for some odd reason, July not-withstanding, it came up today on FaceBook. So here it is again!) I have addressed this topic on some level nearly every December since I’ve had this journal, albeit