A project of mine….

So I’ve been working slowly on putting together all my information on theocracy and the religious right in America (mostly, not exclusively), as well as my academic pieces on the history and doctrine of Christianity. And now on a site that will serve as a repository of that info, and hopefully, as a resource for those wanting to halt the trend of theocratic developments in the US. On this anniversary of the insurrection at the US capitol, and thinking about the crosses that appeared there, I decided it was time to make this (sort of) public. It’s very much a work in progress, and I’m not really going to promote it until there’s more to it, but if you land there, please look around, kick the tires, and drop me a line if you find any problems, or there is something you’d like me to include. Be kind; remember, it’s just barely getting started, but feel free to mosey over: Anti-Theocracy

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